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Hi developer! 🙌

Thank you for using this site! I'm so glad you're developing on Cardano. I want to assure you that adaex has a long tradition since ITN, is and will always be available and will only get better as his feature-richer brother adapools.org :) It will always be free and if there are any ads on the site, it will always be the minimum necessary to drive sustainability.

We will be glad if you implement adaex in your app, for example to linking transactions etc. Only one thing - no scrapping or parsing, thanks - for this usecase is here awesome API service blockfrost.io.


testnet - https://testnet.adaex.org/
mainnet - https://adaex.org/

Perma links

address detail - https://testnet.adaex.org/address/addr1qxb9n...5gxq34cu32

block detail - https://testnet.adaex.org/block/block_hash

transaction detail - https://testnet.adaex.org/transaction/tx_id

asset detail - https://testnet.adaex.org/token/asset1_fingerprint

policy detail - https://testnet.adaex.org/policy/policy_id

Magic linking: if you want to make your work easier, you can link directly to the main domain and we will try to redirect the visitor to the right page, like: adaex.org/txhash

Redirect feature

If you link our site with param (get) redir_to with your url, then we will display nice message to visitor, example: click and try.